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Daily devotions now available for new media campaign

Nothing's Too Hard for God media campaign logo

The Nothing's Too Hard for God media outreach campaign, two of which were recently launched in Southwest Missouri and the North Texas District, now has new support materials free to access, download and distribute.

According to Rick Griepp, the project manager for the campaign, the AG National Prayer Center has produced seven daily devotionals for each of the eight main sub-themes of the Nothing's Too Hard for God campaign.

Each of the 56 devotionals provides depth and insight into the campaign sub-themes, including forgiveness, loneliness, relationships, illness, fear, finances, loss and addiction. The devotionals also conclude each day with questions concerning that day's topic to consider.

"We took the sermon outlines for the Nothing's Too Hard for God campaign and drew devotions from the Scripture references in those outlines," explains NPC Assistant Director James Meredith. "We worked hard to write the devotions in a way that not only tied them into the theme, but even if someone wasn't struggling with, let's say addiction, they could benefit from the devotion."

Gary Ankrom, senior pastor at First Assembly of God in Bolivar, Missouri, is already using the devotionals - distributing the first week (in this case, "Forgiveness") to church members last Sunday.

Ankrom says that in past experiences he's found when devotions are included with a ministry effort, people come to church already connected, as their hearts have been prepared on a daily basis. "People seem to be more energized and more in tune to what the Holy Spirit is trying to do through the whole process," Ankrom explains.

"Outstanding!" Ankrom says, when asked for his evaluation of the outreach devotions. "They're very in tune [with the campaign] and provide a progression, bringing us through the week. I think these daily devotions will enable individuals to better see the particular needs of people around them when it comes to forgiveness, broken relationships, illness and so on."

"We're very excited about the addition of the devotionals to the campaign resources," Griepp says. "They're extremely well written and just an incredible benefit to people."

To review, copy or download the free Nothing's Too Hard for God devotionals, click here. The devotions are available in a text format or as a PDF that can be attached to an e-mail.