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Dozens of lives changed for Christ through campaign

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What started out as an interest in small group curriculum turned into a four-month Nothing's Too Hard for God media campaign that filled the altars of an Oklahoma church and resulted in more than 35 lives being impacted for Christ.


"We experienced a lot of altar participation - kids on drugs, strained marriages, those who lost parents or a spouse and decisions being made for Christ," says Pastor David Mewbourne of Claremore Assembly of God. "Sundays were powerful — very, very powerful." New people started coming and stayed. "I can't say people came specifically because they saw a sign or because of the campaign, but we have people here that were not here before we started this."


Mewbourne told how while evaluating a Nothing's Too Hard for God starter kit and small group curriculum for his church that averages around 280, they were prompted to pray and think about getting out into their community for more exposure.


"We are a rural town, 20-25 miles northeast of Tulsa," Mewbourne explained. "We could be considered a bedroom community with the amenities of the Metropolis of Tulsa. We are mostly blue collar workers — farmers and ranchers." 


After meeting with his board and church leaders and deciding to conduct the campaign, Mewbourne and the church began making plans ... setting a launch date, planning their services and selecting the right media tools for Claremore.


The church invested in a billboard that would catch the eye of commuters driving to and from Tulsa every day. A roadside banner was displayed in front of the church and the congregation peppered their community with neighborhood yard signs. "Some of the most popular and fun items were the postcards and yard signs," says Mewbourne.


The church received calls from people who did not attend their church but were touched by the Nothing's Too Hard for God message.  Some indicated they were struggling with issues in their life and the signs ministered to them.


Using the Nothing's Too Hard for God theme, which served as a hub for eight sub-themes, Mewbourne skillfully incorporated the eight real-life video testimonies into a four-month series featuring one of the sub-themes every other week.


"Every single message really struck a chord with everyone - either they knew someone who was going through that circumstance or they were going through it themselves." (The themes forgiveness, loneliness, broken relationship, illness, fear, finances, loss and addiction are the eight focus points of the campaign.)


A Facebook page was started and people shared testimonies of what God had done in their lives.


Overwhelmed by the number of church members and guests who responded to the altar call after each service, Mewborne plans to continue the NTHFG campaign and rerun the series in 2011.


Starting in January and running through August, the church will focus on one of the sub-themes during the first week of every month in order to further reach out to Claremore and re-emphasize that nothing's too hard for God.


When asked if he thought if other churches could do similar NTHFG outreaches, Mewbourne said, "Absolutely. Doing this campaign was very easy, and yet so effective for us. I would think every AG church would want to consider it."


For more information about Nothing's Too Hard for God, or to see how a church can sponsor a campaign, visit the NTHFG website.