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AG church sees 70 come to Christ through "Nothing's Too Hard for God" outreach

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The bedroom community of New Whiteland, Indiana, is waking up to a noticeable stirring at Grace Assembly of God, where pastor Wayne Murray and his congregation saw many lives touched and changed during a recent "Nothing's Too Hard for God" outreach. According to Murray roughly 70-75 people made decisions for Christ and the Sunday morning attendance saw an increase of 150-200 each week during the campaign.

Murray discovered the "Nothing's Too Hard for God" media campaign during the 2007 General Council in Indianapolis and thought it would be a good outreach to run when they were ready to move into their new sanctuary; however, with the economic downturn he felt now was the time.

"This is one of the best things we've ever done," said Murray. "And it was one of the easiest as far as preparation - all the tools were right there. We just had to plug them in."

The Sunday before Grace began the campaign, Murray preached a sermon, "How To Prepare For A Miracle." He had each person in his church write a list of people they knew who could benefit from the various subtheme topics of the outreach. They collected the names and prayed over them ... and then they invited them to come.

On the Sunday they launched the campaign, Grace Assembly intentionally added a third morning service in anticipation of the great things God was about to do. "Each Sunday was a huge day," said Murray. The church used several of the "Nothing's Too Hard for God" prepackaged components and then added some of their own creations and ideas, such as human videos and a project they called "The Acts 2:44 Experiment," which they rolled out during the week of the subtheme "No Financial Need is too Large for God."

Murray said, "Considering the current atmosphere in our nation, this particular series ("Nothing's Too Hard for God") hits home with so many people because of the needs they have in their lives. I think it impacts people internally. They will never forget it."

"For the church," Murray said, "it's an incredible tool to use for growth and for reaching out to your community. So many people don't look to the church as much for help and encouragement and this is a way for the church to rise up and say 'Hey, we have some help to offer for the actual problems you have.' We had several people give testimony that it just increased their faith in God-their belief in God and to trust God again for miracles and intervention. I don't think there is a better time, and I don't know of a better tool out there, to make an impact on your community than 'Nothing's Too Hard for God.' It is worth the money - every penny you spend is worth it because it is highly, highly effective."

For more information on "Nothing's Too Hard for God," see its website.